Eating & drinking at Casa La Siesta

Food and drink play a major part in life at Casa La Siesta.

Whether you’re renting the house out for a group holiday or as a wedding venue it’s always one of the true highlights of a stay. Our daily changing menu of simple, seasonal dishes is based around what’s available each morning, and what we don’t get directly from our organic kitchen garden we source from local suppliers and artisans. 

As we’re located only 12 km from the coast, the area’s abundant supply of wonderful seafood plays a major part in our kitchen’s offerings. Our small but select wine cellar is packed full of wonderful Spanish wines, many having been sourced from family-run local vineyards.

Due to our proximity to the Jerez region, we have developed a wonderful collection of the area’s finest Sherry and often invite our guests to enjoy a high-class tapas and sherry tasting supper.

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vegetable garden
vegetable garden